Bringing Joy to the Garden with Artful Garden Consulting

Customized and Handpainted Garden Art

Transforming ordinary every day items into spectacular visual pieces of garden art.

Succulent Dish Gardens

Succulents pair well with almost any style and size container. Their forms when placed next to one another enhance their individual colors and textures all while complimenting the shape, style, color and texture of the vessel.

Themed Container Plantings

Holidays, special occasions, and life events allow for a broad range of styles to be incorporated in container plantings from whimsy to elegance.

Before and After Succulent Dish Gardens

Succulents have a way of bringing new life to items that would otherwise create cluttered eyesores in our homes or go unnecessarily to a landfill.

Garden Thresholds

Both passages, entries and exits, can be made to feel extra special despite the short span of time required to pass through them.

Floral Design

"...We really wanted something that would last past the day-of and loved the idea of sharing a piece of our big day with our closest friends and family."


Hand-crafted signage.

Garden Vignettes

Garden vignettes are small areas of a larger garden that provide a single use or multiple functions.

Murals and More

A blank wall or a mundane concrete walking surface is easily transformed to become aesthetically pleasing and beautiful with paint.


Houses on a Steep Slope in Graphite

Houses on a Steep Slope in Graphite

The Power of the Pencil