Themed Container Plantings


Holidays, special occasions, and life events allow for a broad range of styles to be incorporated in container plantings from whimsy to elegance.


Nancy Rothermich's Jack-O-Lantern.jpg
Back of Nancy Rothermich's ceramic Jack-O-Lantern.jpg

Wild and Wacky Jack-O-Lantern

The owner of this ceramic Jack-O-Lantern asked to have her container filled with a wild and crazy planting of succulents. Succulents in warm autumnal tones of deep gold, orange, rust and brown were paired with the gray-green of the Aloe plicatilis and dried plant material. Screening was used inside far enough behind the eyes and nose to keep the planting a sufficient distance back so that a battery operated candle could be placed inside, allowing the arrangement to serve as a luminary. 


Circus Theme - Clown Shoe and Popcorn

The Clown Shoe was a solid gray concrete planter. Nothing special to look at. The owner asked to have it painted to look like a clown shoe. The popcorn bucket was added to the arrangement to complete a circus theme and planted with a sedum suggesting the bucket was filled and overflowing with buttered popcorn.

You've Got Mail!

This repurposed metal mailbox was replaced with a solid copper vintage mailbox. The owner chose to not send the old mailbox to the landfill and asked to have it planted. It now resides on the ground near the base of the mailbox post, creating a playful nod to its new use in its retirement.

Succulent Planted Plastic Skull

Succulent Planted Plastic Skull


This Weber Grill was replaced with a newer model by the griller extraordinaire. He gifted the retired grill to be transformed into a planter filled with succulents suggesting that something edible was actually being grilled. This was represented by five Echeveria ‘Black Night’ reminiscent of beef patties, Crassula ‘Campfire’ mimicking flames, the orange-red flowering Delosperma suggesting flying embers and red lava rock giving the impression of burning hot charcoal briquettes.